Thursday, June 25, 2009

(Cuff) Link Love

Sure, we get to don gorgeous white dresses, yards of tulle (or a poof of netting) and super fab shoes. And trust me, I'm definitely excited to pull my look together on our wedding day. But my attire and accessories have a decidedly bridal feel (um, duh), and I'm feeling a bit envious of my mister -- and really, all those grooms out there who are able to wear their passions on their sleeve...literally.

As far as man-cessories go, I think cuff links are the coolest. I mean, look at all the cute (uhhh, I mean really, really masculine) options for pulling together a dude's dapper duds.

I love how so many designs are repurposed goods; bits of old wine barrels, vinyl records, Scrabble tiles and newspaper crossword puzzles were just a few of the styles that caught my eye.

(top to bottom: source, source, source, source)

Worrying your groom will get tongue-tied and forget his lines? George Washington can help out with that!

Etsy, of course, is another great source -- Mrs. Tiramisu and Mrs. Quiche worked with sellers to create custom sets that included mini maps of their wedding and honeymoon locations.

BIL and Mr. Bruschetta share a fantasy baseball team, and compete in a league against (among others) Daddy Bruschetta. So, it figures that I'm more than a little tuned in to cuff links devoted to America's pastime.

And for our wedding? Mr. Bruschetta will be giving a nod to our adopted city (where I attended grad school) with recycled T token cuff links I gifted to him last Christmas.

Will your groom be sporting special cuff links? If so, what do they say about him -- or you as a couple?

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