Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's A Tossup

I like to think of myself as decisive, but I gotta admit: At times, I'm really wishy-washy. As in, read-all-the-birthday-cards-in-the-section-at-Hallmark-before-making-a-choice indecisive. And now, here's another case in point: Garter-maker extraordinaire Peterene sent along some pictures of color options for our four toss garters. I'm so torn as to which would look best -- so I'd love to hear what you think!

My keepsake one will be similar to the top garter in this set:

Should I opt for toss garters with...

1) Brightly-colored ribbon in the middle -- each will have the same design/style as the toss garter pictured above -- with black on the edges?

2) The same idea as number one, but with ivory (instead of black) surrounding our four wedding colors?

3) An ivory -- or black -- center, with the bright colors on the outside? (Similar to this style, but with a flat bow instead of a flower, and a wider bit of color on each side.)

(All images courtesy of Peterene.)

I love how the colors seem to *pop* most on option one -- but wonder if the black edges are too, um, edgy for me. It all comes down to whether I'm looking for a fun, bridal-y set, or something a bit sexier.

Which would you pick if you were me?

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