Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not Much But the Kitchen Sink

For two foodies, we own surprisingly few kitchen tools.

In the past, the mister and I needed to commandeer a kitchen -- his mother's, or my parents' -- when we wanted to toss together a meal. While this detail often meant we weren't cooking together -- or as often -- as we'd have liked, with each workspace, we did have access to a variety of helpful tools and supplies. After we moved into our own apartment several months ago, though, the items in our culinary arsenal took a sizable hit.

Durable knives? Nope. Dependable cookware? Not so much.

Most of the cookware and cutlery we're currently using require creativity (um, that eggplant's much bigger than the flimsy plastic cutting board) and finesse (careful of the loose screw on the 30+ year old pot handle!) and although I'm certainly not complaining -- we know we're lucky to have inherited this motley assortment of bargain finds and hand-me-downs for next to nothing -- I'm definitely looking forward to refining my techniques with tools that will enable me to improve my efficiency, and add to my culinary confidence.

Mr. Bruschetta echoes these sentiments, and so we've agreed to create registries focused exclusively on improving our current kitchen situation -- and bearing in mind the future kitchen of our dreams. And while, like so many before me, I swoon at the thought of my own Kitchen Aid, I'm similarly jazzed about many other items waiting patiently on our four wedding registries:

Wusthof knives, and a cutlery block to keep them safe and secure;


an end-grain cutting board (or two);


fabulous All-Clad cookware;


the ability to have fresh basil -- among other herbs -- on hand whenever we please;


Schott Zwiesel titanium crystal glassware (which are all scratch, break and chip resistant -- and gorgeous!);

and an assortment of other items that we will most definitely use regularly to perfect our favorite recipes, explore new techniques and cuisines, and entertain our loved ones!

Is your registry dedicated to one room or goal?

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