Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sizing Snafu


Since we received word that Mr. Bruschetta's wedding ring came in this past weekend, I'd been hoping to share a picture of the mister's hardware with the hive; instead, I only have a handful of numbers -- and a frustrating conclusion:
  • Approximate weeks spent looking at potential rings with Mr. Bruschetta? Eight.
  • Number of "finalist" ring styles? Three.
  • Cost (in dollars, natch) of the chosen ring -- pretax -- after Mr. Bruschetta's skilled bargaining? 500.
  • Days until the mister's wedding ring (eeeee!) arrived? 12.
  • Size of the imprecisely-measured band? Somewhere between 8-1/2 and 8-3/4.
  • And my mister's left hand ring finger size? Yeah, that'd be a 9.
So he's a ringless groom for another two weeks or so. After our salesman acknowledged the jewelry store was at fault, he promised us a brand new ring -- rather than simply resizing the original one. Mr. Bruschetta was looking forward to masquerading as a married man for an hour or so over the weekend -- just, he said, to get used to what the ring will feel like (so cute!) -- so I'm sure when the correctly-sized band comes in, he'll have a hankering to play faux husband again. Unfortunately, for now, we're both just frustrated we can't cross this one off the to-do list yet.

Did you face any challenges in finalizing your wedding ring purchases?

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