Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Something Borrowed Blues

"Find something borrowed."

This pesky three-word sentence has been staring back at me from our to-do list for several months. The line once included "old," "new" and "blue" as well, but I've edited out these adjectives as each item joined my ensemble.

I'll be using two somethings old -- and one will be doing double duty as my something blue. And a number of somethings new will be part of my look, including my two veils, two pairs of shoes, gown and wedding ring. But I'm still stumped on a something borrowed -- and simultaneously frustrated, upset and (slightly) panicked as our date approaches.

Mama Bruschetta and I had a brainstorming session the other day, but we didn't have any lightbulb moments. I've ruled out borrowing jewelry -- I'll post about what my plan for accessories is soon, I promise! -- since I'm aiming for a classic style, and don't want anything that's just too too. And I'm not even sure what, if any, family possessions my mother or aunts have that might lend themselves to being a something borrowed. I'm also a little wary of attaching a borrowed item to my bouquet handle, fearing it'll fall off. (Remember? I worry lots!)

I'm completely open to any suggestions from the hive, though -- and wish I could give bonus points for the most creative idea! What is/was your something borrowed?

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