Friday, July 3, 2009

It's (Not ) Always Sunny In Philadelphia

In fact, June was unseasonably cold, and much more cloudy and rainy than what we normally experience this time of year in the City of Brotherly Love. Early summer? It felt more like mid-spring!

No, I'm not fretting yet about our wedding weather (though I have been researching cute umbrella options, just in case). Right now, I'm too preoccupied with what all this moisture's been doing to my hair.

Unlike Sister Bruschetta -- who has awesome natural curls that seem to thrive when there's extra humidity in the air -- I'm stuck with wavy(ish) hair that reacts unpredictably at best whenever there's a greater than 10-percent chance of precipitation.

And since the mister and I have resumed our morning visits to the gym with renewed enthusiasm (more on this to come), my a.m. routine has been squished into half an hour. Which means that my 'do is either all up (hello, ponytail), half-up or all down. Straightening my hair on damp days is a complete waste of time, so if I opt to let my locks air dry, I'm "rewarded" with an awesome and seemingly contradictory combination -- limp and frizzy. I'm not crazy about options two or three -- since they make me look like I'm back in college (or worse, high school!) -- but don't always want to stress my strands with daily ponytails.

I hate complaining this much when the answer -- lose a few inches -- is so obvious. With an elegant updo planned for the wedding, though, I know my fine hair could use a little extra "oomph," so I'm not about to chop off any now that we're under two months and counting.

So can you help me, hive? What are your go-to products to fend off the frizzies and give your hair extra (or, um, just some would be peachy) body?

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