Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clutch Confusion

Pink and Cheesy -- what's not to love? If I hadn't already found some perfect potential purses, I totally would have taken the sweet and sage Mrs. Cheese up on her offer to borrow her silk wedding clutch.

Excited at the prospect of a custom clutch (possibly in one of our bright wedding colors, which are showing up on even the smallest details), I had turned to Etsy, and virtual window-shopped to my heart's content. I definitely wanted something I'd use post-wedding, and was initially drawn to uniquely-shaped styles with bold details like floral embellishments and funky fabric pleats.

Next, I was swooning over metal frame clutches.


I was so drawn to the red and white one above, loving its modern details.

Finally, though, I found Vicky. Her shop is brimming with clutches that combine classic shapes with some of the visual elements that originally caught my eye. They're simultaneously timeless and contemporary -- and any of these would complement the style of my gown oh-so well. I narrowed down my favorites (all images courtesy of the Vicky Riley Wedding Shop) to one of these three...

The Amy Clutch

The Audrey Clutch

The Emily Clutch

...but need some help from the hive!

Which purse should I pick?

(A) The Amy Clutch
(B) The Audrey Clutch
(C) The Emily Clutch
(D) None of 'em -- but I love [insert name here] from Vicky's shop, and think it'd be fab!

And, should I opt for a bright *pop* of color, like this bold satin clutch (she's called Esme)...

...or keep it neutral with a gold or champagne exterior? Please share your color thoughts in the comments!

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