Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jaw, Meet Floor

In mid-May, our reception venue hosted a networking evening for 300+ wedding professionals in partnership with and Brides Philadelphia/South Jersey. No, I wasn't in attendance. (I wish!) But our caterer -- one of the event sponsors -- recently sent me the link to an online photo gallery. And as I clicked through them, I realized my mouth was actually wide open. (All images courtesy of

Seeing these photos has me even more excited for our wedding day feast -- and soooo happy we're going to be in attendance for the entire cocktail hour. How delishes this all look?!

I loved seeing this side of our venue -- until I started to worry. Will our wedding be too plain? Is our idea -- to let the beauty of this old-bank-turned-modern-art-gallery shine through -- lazy? Or cheap?

Mrs. Cupcake once wrote about venue envy. Well, um...we've got the venue. Is it possible to have event envy?

So I kept clicking, and realized that few weddings are this elaborate.

And even if we could afford to throw this much money into rentals to dress up the F.U.E.L. House, I don't know that we would. Such a well-staged event definitely wouldn't feel "us" enough. Personalizing our wedding, so that at the end of the evening guests are remarking how it seemed like the perfect reflection of our tastes, is my goal. Amazing lounge furniture would be a fabulous bonus, but it's totally not necessary!

Have you attended -- or seen pictures of -- a lavish event in your reception space? Have you had to make peace with event envy?

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