Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding Cake...With Birthday Candles?

It's been a festive -- and hectic! -- past few months for the Bruschettas.

My birthday follows closely on the heels of Mother's Day. May ended with a bang, as we celebrated Mr. Bruschetta's graduation. Next came our eight-year dating anniversary. Sister and BIL Bruschettas' birthdays are in late June, and Mama Bruschetta's is coming up in mid-July.*

And then there's our wedding at the end of August. Phew!


We selected our date knowing full well that the months leading up to it would be packed with these festive gatherings -- most involving dinner out and ending in cake. And that's not the most wedding-friendly schedule or diet, you know? But it's been great to have these breaks from the stress and planning. We've enjoyed the quality family time, and tried at each function to keep wedding-related chatter to a minimum. (And the cake my mother insists on sending home with me is waiting patiently in the freezer; I'll dig in come September, I promise!)

While I'm sorta relieved no birthdays are in too close proximity to our wedding, my imagination also goes wild when I think of the cute ways to integrate the two celebrations. Elaborate birthday candle cake topper? Bride and groom entering the reception to "Birthday" by the Beatles? Balloons in your wedding colors adorning the bride's and groom's chairs?

Next year, we'll happily add another occasion -- our one-year anniversary -- to our family's the list of summer celebrations. Enough about the Bruschettas, though!

Do any birthdays coincide with your wedding? Who is the birthday boy/girl? And did you do anything special to honor this person?

*Funnily enough, several other significant days -- including Mr. Bruschetta's birthday, Daddy Bruschetta's birthday and Sister & BIL Bruschettas' anniversary -- are "chunked" together in the fall. What is it with our family?

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