Friday, August 14, 2009

Crossing "T"s and Dotting "I"s

I'm so confused. Is it August or April? I mean, seriously -- enough with the rain! It's in the forecast every. single. day. And it's so humid I've abandoned trying to do anything with my hair. Ponytails and sloppy buns are my new specialty.

Messy hair's fine for the next couple of weeks. But if these showers linger long enough to "attend" our wedding, I want to ensure my 'do stays in place -- and my dress looks as pristine as possible.

So I started searching for cute rainwear.

I *LOVED* these boots, but wasn't as crazy about their price. After having issues finding them in my size, I started wondering what type of umbrella I would be able to find to complement them.


If light blue were one of our colors -- and I had a guarantee it would arrive in time from our neighbors to the North -- I might have purchased this umbrella. (Mama Bruschetta, a self-confessed Francophile, actually asked for the pale pink full-sized version for her birthday. We'll definitely be including it in some pictures if the sky is at all threatening!)


After shifting my focus from boots to umbrellas, I found this beauty -- a super strong and extra enormous golf umbrella adorned with playful dots. (You drooling yet, Miss Star?)


Is it possible to love an umbrella? Because I was instantly totally into this one. So much so that I gave up on the adorable plaid rain boots, and started considering other options that allow us to include this umbrella as a rainy wedding day accessory.

It didn't take long until I found the perfect pair. They remind me of (the soon to be Mrs.!) Gloss's navy wellies -- but also echo the envelope liners that accompanied our wedding invitations.


With cheery speckled boots and a chic dichromatic umbrella, I'm almost hoping it drizzles a bit (but nothin' more, got it Mother Nature?) on our wedding day. Almost.

Anyone else planning ahead with fun patterned or colored rain gear?

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