Friday, August 14, 2009

Tanks A Lot!

My bachelorette party* is tonight!

We're meeting up for drinks and dinner in Philly -- and then a surprise that no one's revealed yet. Yesterday, Sister Bruschetta (my MOH) surprised me with a few cute options to make my evening attire a bit more "bridal." (She previously revealed that I'll also be donning a veil and tiara.) The problem I'm unsure which one to select!

(Please excuse my "concentrating on getting good pictures so I end up looking grumpy" face.)

Looser with fun frills?

Or form-fitting and sparkly?

Whatcha think? Thanks for sharing your opinions!

*I adore my bridesmaids, but I do have one gripe: They're all just too darn smart! Two of the four ladies are in medical school -- and the other two are educators! -- so we had some scheduling conflicts getting everyone free for the festivities. Good thing I'm super loved, and already had a mini bachelorette(ish) party right after our surprise wedding shower

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