Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Turtled" Treats

So when we last left the Bruschetta wedding favor saga, the mister and I had triumphantly exited the supermarket. Not ten minutes earlier, I was stooping to grab an item off a low shelf, and noticed a box out of the corner of my eye. A picture of delicious-looking popcorn covered the front, and -- I know this sounds a little silly -- I felt my pulse quicken. (Seriously, this favor situation had been stressing me out big-time!)

My glance fell next on the flavor: Cranberry almond. Damn. Almost immediately, though, I wondered if other varieties existed. I started pawing through the boxes -- and almost didn't believe my eyes when I found the most perfect, purple-accented one. The key ingredients? Chocolate, caramel and pecan.

I hurried off to find Mr. Bruschetta and share my discovery. We agreed to sample the product before committing to purchase one for each of our guests; I tore open the box and ripped into a packet as soon as we'd paid for our items. Was it as delicious as the pricey gourmet sample we had almost ordered? Well, no. But the supermarket version had a more prevalent nutty flavor -- thanks to tiny little nut pieces throughout the mixture, instead of just one or two whole nuts per handful. And since the treat isn't enrobed in chocolate, we wouldn't have the seasonal concerns (or expensive shipping costs) that would have come with the fancier option. (As one more bonus, the SMARTFOOD popcorn baggies are only 120 calories each, so this selection also reflects our attempts to eat healthy!)

The next day, I returned home from work to find a surprise awaiting me.

(I later learned Mr. Bruschetta had visited five supermarkets to find all the boxes we'd need!)

With the arrival of the popcorn packets, we were finally able to assemble our favors. Sister and BIL Bruschetta joined me and the mister for a craft-a-thon, and we started the multi-step process.

First, our ever-attentive men assembled 4 x 4 x 2 inch boxes while catching up on Entourage episodes.

Sister Bruschetta cut the slips explaining about our charity donation down to size -- I was working on our ceremony programs (stay tuned for a post about these!) -- and then we used double-sided tape to affix them to the inside of the box lid.

The next morning, Mr. Bruschetta and continued the assembly line by wrapping each packet in white tissue paper and affixing a "turtle crossing" sign sticker to the front of each little bundle.

This is what our guests will see when they open their favor boxes. I think they're adorable, particularly since the sticker-on-white-tissue-paper look reminds me of my unofficial turtle rescue "uniform."

Sister Bruschetta returned for an afternoon crafting session, and used a hot glue "pistol" -- it was so tiny! -- to affix the Mrs. Emerald-inspired bows we'd assembled a few weeks previous.

Mini favor boxes took over our living room as they dried.

(Sister Bruschetta insisted I take a close up to show all the colors together, including the ones we made for me and the mister.)

Phew! I'm really pleased with the finished product -- and thrilled that we were able to keep the cost of the favors to a shade over $1 each.

I never would have imagined we'd find our wedding favors in the supermarket! Anyone else find a wedding purchase in an unlikely location?

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