Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urbane Playground

The mister and I recently revisited our church (on the beautiful Villanova University campus) and reception neighborhood (in the Old City section of Philadelphia) to scout out the most "photogenic" areas for our post-ceremony pictures.

Since we're crossing off the formals and posed pictures in the morning, this portion of the wedding day will focus much more on photojournalism -- and perhaps will include a bit of TTD (but no actually trashing, don't worry) in the mix!

I've mentioned before how strict our church is, so while we're hoping to sneak some pictures in the church after the wedding, no one will be surprised if we get unceremoniously booted after the mass. (Especially since there still might be a 3:30 wedding after our 1:30 hour-long ceremony concludes.) Weather permitting (and at the moment, we're all keeping fingers and toes crossed in the Bruschetta household), we could retreat to one of the grassy areas in front of the church...

...or the shady grotto right behind it.

Before we return to the city, we're hoping to swing by the Villanova R5 train station to grab a few grittier shots. The mister and I have a special connection to this spot, since he used to hop the train to come visit early in my college days.

Our limo ride will end at 2nd and Race Streets -- and hopefully, Mr. Bar Stool (which was closed for the evening by the time I took the picture below), will have some chairs outside on the sidewalk (as the store usually does) that we can include in some shots with the bridal party.

After making them feel so loved and included, we'll request the bridal party hang tight for a few minutes while Mr. Bruschetta and I wander down Elfreth's Alley. Quaint historic homes? Enchanting alleys? Check and check.

Brightly-colored walls will be our next stop with the bridal party. I love that both these locations are right along our planned route!

We hope to free our friends around this time, and continue to a few more locations -- including one of our favorite restaurants (thanks again for the sangria recipe!) and an adorable candy shop.

And our last stop will be the F.U.E.L. House, to preview the setup and practice our first dance (for the first and only time in my dress before we perform it for our guests!).

Anyone else plan out ideal places to take day-of pictures before your wedding day? What are some of the spots that really caught your eye?

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