Friday, August 21, 2009

Twisted Tiers

After we nixed the plan for plain cake with gourmet sauces -- um, yeah, I'm going back to one of my posts from mid-May -- I realized I was pretty jazzed about our new, traditional dessert. Why? Complimentary tastings!

One afternoon + two bakeries = a LOT of cake. (Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.) Mrs. Cupcake's tasting had sounded delicious, so I made sure we stopped into Sweet Jazmines first. The second spot was yummy, but it focused on pound cake and fondant (rather than layer cake and buttercream) so in our opinions, it really didn't compare.

We received a generous sample platter of just some of Sweet Jazmines flavors. (Thanks for taking -- and labeling! -- this picture, Mrs. Cupcake!)


Mr. Bruschetta immediately loved the "Lemon Delight" -- lemon pound cake, lemon curd and lemon buttercream -- but imagined adding a ribbon of raspberry marmalade to the party. And I gobbled up the "Cinnfully Southern," which combines sweet potato cake, cinnamon cream cheese and caramel buttercream. Is it a little less summery and a bit more autumnal? Yeah, maybe. But it's also insanely delectable. So we'd quickly figured our bottom (his flavor pick) and middle (mine) tiers.

And for the top spot? We agreed our cake could use some antioxidants -- or just some chocolately goodness -- and opted for chocolate cake filled and finished with chocolate buttercream. How could we taste, and then walk away from the "Chocolate Decadence" flavor? By keeping our budget in mind! A few forkfuls confirmed it lives up to its name -- chocolate cake and flourless chocolate cake with ganache, chocolate mousse and chocolate buttercream -- but the increased price for these special ingredients made it easier to resist. (Sweet Jazmines will be gifting us a 6-inch first anniversary cake in the flavor of our choice, so we won't feel badly about serving up the top tier on our wedding day.)

Seeing this cake...

...convinced me that square tiers -- set ever so slightly askew -- would be the perfect complement to the F.U.E.L. House's stunning architecture. Somewhat traditional, with a modern twist, like our reception venue. I loved how it adds an unexpected quirk to an elegant confection -- so I promptly set out to find more offset cake inspiration photos.

I wish I had more to share, but it's pretty tough to find pictures of this style!

Will your wedding cake have circle tiers, square tiers...or another shape altogether?

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