Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ooo La La!

Look at moi!


Thanks to the patient and talented Ellie, Whisked Away has a fresh, new look.

We bounced inspiration and ideas back and forth by email for several weeks -- during which time I effectively banned Mr. Bruschetta from checking our wedding account, so he could enjoy the surprise of the completed design.

When I started this blog, I knew next to nothing about computers. My knowledge is still absymal, but having gone from this... the bright, cohesive look Whisked Away's now sporting, I'm not fretting so much about my lack of tech-know-logy.

I'm also psyched that the new design is something we can continue to use for some time after the wedding -- especially considering that, with the wedding's focus on orange and purple, I'm starting to get kinda attached to those colors!


  1. Oh wow! It looks fantastic. She does such a phenomenal job, I'm always in love with her work.

  2. @ Jenna: Thanks! Ellie was really helpful, and willingly offered her opinions whenever I asked!