Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ware-ing Vera

Reason #326 it's really starting to sink in that we're getting married in six months:

Our first "official" wedding gift arrived on Friday!

When I arrived home, a small (but heavy!) Macy's box was waiting for me. Was this another bonus item from our registry? I opened the shipping package, and saw a pristine alabaster box and bow.

Eeeeee! How exciting!

Inside, we found two settings of our "Vera Lace" flatware.

And the giver? A former colleague (let's call him "Mr. Cats") of Mr. Bruschetta's, who he happened to run into a few weeks ago in the city. They talked briefly about our upcoming wedding, and, as they parted, Mr. Cats asked where we registered.

I quickly crafted a thank you card so we could express our surprise, delight and appreciation.

We're so touched by Mr. Cats's generosity, but also now wondering about proper wed-iquette: When someone gifts off the wedding registry, what is the expected (and accepted) reciprocation from the bride and groom? Should we include Mr. Cats on our wedding guest list? Or will our thank you note suffice? And were you surprised by a gift from an unlikely giver?


  1. woo hoo!!! what a nice thoughtful gift, especially since it was unexpected.

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