Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Apple -- No, A Nap! -- For the Teacher

In late January, I started my first college teaching experience -- an accelerated, seven-week evening course entitled "The Art of Editing." Perfect for me, right? But a whole lotta work -- much more than I had anticipated!

The class -- six students (only one who is an undergraduate, making everyone else in the room older than me) -- seemed to enjoy the way I presented the material, and we debated comma usage (hey, no yawning!) and the role of print media in today's society. I never fully got used to being called "professor." (I mean, come on, what qualifications -- other than a master's degree -- do I have? "Instructor" sounds much better [at least right now] to me!)

Consider this amazing new opportunity -- something that eats up tons of time! -- and what's currently on my plate:
  • Maintaining my (still green) blog
  • Continuing with the wedding planning
  • Preparing for the apartment move this Friday
  • Some very exciting news I'll post more about within the next few days that promises to keep me quite busy!


I'm the type of person who likes to be fully prepared before starting something new -- I had at least a dozen already-written posts lined up when I launched the blog -- so it's been stressful preparing week by week for three hour classes (and even a few five hour [five!] Saturday sessions).

I've already discussed the option of teaching a public relations course -- but not until January, when (I hope!) my life will have calmed down a bit. I'm still not completely sure if teaching at the collegiate level is a possible career for me, so I do want to keep trying out the "professor" thing until I decide one way or the other.

After tonight, though, this teacher just wants a nap.

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