Monday, April 6, 2009

A Blank Canvas

The F.U.E.L. House is a gem of a space, with an impressive facade.

And yet, for all the times Mr. Bruschetta and I have strolled through Old City, we didn't even notice it until we started looking for a reception location!

Step inside, though, and you'll quickly realize why we fell so hard for this gallery-cum-venue. Immediately, you notice the neutral color palette -- and the gorgeous crystal chandelier.

The white marble Grand Hall (set up in these shots for an exhibit -- the furniture won't be there for our reception) is where we'll dance the night away.

We'll share photo slideshows with our guests on this flatscreen television. (The space behind it houses the tiny kitchen in which Laurent will cook up our amazing wedding feast. Also pictured is one of the F.U.E.L. House's "rolling walls" -- more on them later!)

We'll either set up the bar right here on the marble dance floor or further back on the hardwood portion of the first floor.

These steps, which will be covered and inaccessible during the reception, lead down to the space that once served as the vault of The Girard Corn Exchange Bank. And the black and beige box is an old-fashioned (but still working!) elevator for providing access to the second floor.

The back portion of the first floor will, in the event of good weather, simply be a place for guests to relax. Should bad weather push our Betsy Ross House courtyard cocktail hour indoors, guests will mix and mingle here before going upstairs for dinner.

The open door leads into a space that will be reserved for the bridal party.

Main access to the second floor is a (somewhat narrow) staircase -- but what a unique place it will be for pictures!

Okay, the upstairs. We'll have our seated dinner up here -- but guests will still have a view of the downstairs!

Along the back wall (see that open door?) is the unique bathroom about which I already posted.

And our DJ will set up in this alcove on the first floor (here you can see two more of the rolling walls), next to the staircase.

We're planning on adding splashes of color throughout the F.U.E.L. House (more details coming about this!) -- our art gallery reception venue that's the fusion of traditional and contemporary.

Is your reception venue classic or modern?

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