Sunday, June 14, 2009


June 14, 2001: Mr. Bruschetta and I had met up at a local diner, and were sitting across from each other in a booth. I don't remember what either of us ordered, but I do recall why we were there. About two weeks previous (following my uncharacteristically bold move), Mr. Bruschetta had been my prom date. And although I was graduating high school in less than a week, I liked him. A lot. I wanted to figure out if he felt similarly, and if we could start a relationship while I transitioned to college life. We were embarrassingly awkward, but sealed our evening with a kiss -- and the intention to refer to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend.

It's been 2,922 days, innumerable culinary experiences, countless (much less clumsy) kisses, and one proposal since the official start of "us." And we've celebrated annually with Flag Day dates -- below, we're posing for Mama Bruschetta before heading out to celebrate the first year with dinner and a night at the theatre.

Today is our final dating anniversary before we're married. So how did we commemorate our own elite eight? Well, that'll hafta wait for another post -- since the story is actually related to some details for our reception.

It's certainly going to feel weird starting back at zero following the wedding. I keep thinking we should get some sort of "credit" for all those years spent dating! How long did you and your fiance date before getting married?

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