Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And Call It Macaroni

A grand exit -- following the ceremony, or at the conclusion of the reception -- provides an opportunity for amazing pictures, as well as a chance to have some carefree fun with your guests (and new husband!). And, for me, it's all about what's tossed. So, let's review some of the ideas bees have carried out to great effect.

Mrs. Avocado's guests showered her (and the new hubby -- oh boy, did he get it!) in ecofetti.


Miss French Bulldog clearly has something in the works, since she wrote about a variety of items guests could toss at one of several points throughout the wedding day.

And Mrs. (!!!) Perfume shared a sneak peek of the freeze-dried rose petals she sought out at the tail-end of her planning.

Clearly, a girl's got options. I thought I'd heard them all -- but then I stumbled across a post by Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy. I'm sure you realize by now that this little Bruschetta *hearts* Italy big-time. I'd already researched Italian traditions, since I'm hoping to incorporate a few into our wedding. So I was surprised to read something new. In Italy, when the newlyweds exit the church, in addition to confetti, rice and rose petals, guests often toss...pasta. Yup, uncooked noodles -- in a variety of shapes and sizes -- are showered over the bride and groom.

Despite my love of all things culinary, I have to admit this practice sounds a bit...painful. See the jagged-edged pieces on the ground in the picture above? Broken-up pieces of lasagna -- ouch. But I'm smiling just trying to imagine the complete chaos and festive atmosphere with so much flying through the air in honor of the bride and groom. There's nothing Yankee Doodle about this dandy (::wink wink::) idea (though I wonder if cooked pasta might be less risky).

Did (or will) you have guests shower you and your new spouse at some point on your wedding day? What unique items have you seen used in a grand exit toss?

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