Friday, June 12, 2009

Bowled Over

Remember when we peeked inside the upstairs bathroom at the F.U.E.L. House? I'd been puzzling over what type of container to use for our bathroom "baskets." And, suddenly, when I wasn't even looking for it, the perfect option was right in front of me.

Several weekends back, Mr. Bruschetta and I were running through a list of errands, and popped into Harry & David to use an about-to-expire coupon. I spotted some cute bowls and picked one up, thinking they'd be perfect for entertaining -- just the right size to fill with snacks. And then, the bowl caught a stream of sunlight flooding into the store, and I noticed the hint of blue running along its rim. Could this cool-shaped bowl work for our bathroom baskets?

I was hesitating -- is it too small? is using a bowl too bizarre? -- when I noticed the clearance sign. A quick check of the return policy -- no time limit, provided you have the receipt -- and I snapped up four bowls for a total of $6.79.

I'd designated my mister with the task of identifying what we'll put in each basket (or, um, bowl), and so after a quick trip to Target, I arranged the goodies (which will vary slightly in each setup) and stepped back to evaluate.

In both the men's and women's baskets, we included:
  • a mini lint roller
  • a Tide To Go pen
  • chewing gum and Tic Tacs
  • dental floss
  • Tums
  • Aleve
  • a small comb
  • a mini first aid kit
  • and contact lens solution
The women's baskets also hold:
  • pads and tampons
  • a (purple!) nail file
  • body deodorant spray
  • safety pins
  • and a mini hairspray
And the men's baskets also contain:
  • Axe deodorant body spray
One bowl will go upstairs in the women's bathroom; two bowls, between which we'll split the complementary items, will go in the single men's bathrooms downstairs; and one will stay in the bridal party bathroom and lounge space.

Whatcha think? I love that we now have some cute, versatile and (best part) reusable bowls -- and that we were able to match the "feel" of the coolest bathroom ever. Are there any key items we didn't include? Did you, like me, set out to find unique bathroom baskets?

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  1. I'd add in more band aids, in addition to what is in the first aid kit. These were the first to go from our baskets -- everyone danced themselves into blisters!