Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something New (And Blue!)

I love receiving mail -- especially when it's something this exciting: My new Panasonic camera (a birthday gift from Mama and Daddy Bruschetta) has arrived!

Purchasing a reliable point-and-shoot before the wedding was already on my to-do list, and knowing this, Mr. Bruschetta secretly passed along the brand and model specifics to my parents before my birthday a few weeks ago. (In fact, he confessed to logging into Weddingbee and sending a PM to Mrs. Cupcake, who's raved about her Panasonic, in order to ensure he had the correct information.)

I can't wait to have the time -- this weekend, I hope -- to sit down, read the manual (yup, I read 'em all from front to back, unlike the rest of the Bruschetta clan) and practice snapping away with my new, blue toy! I'm most excited to test out its macro abilities (on our wedding rings, invitations, and other details we don't *exactly* have yet) and, of course, to document our Italian honeymoon.

Will/did you purchase a new camera before your wedding?

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