Monday, July 6, 2009

Keeper of the Key

There's a new addition to my key chain. Jingling along with the keys to my car and our apartment is a copy of one* for our mailbox. I'm giddy** about this acquisition -- and for good reason!

On Friday, Mr. Bruschetta and I finally (finally!) dropped our invitations in the mail. We were both so relieved to cross this task off our to-do list -- especially since we were a bit behind schedule -- and now, we're playing a waiting game, anticipating RSVPs from our family and friends.

You'll hafta wait for pictures in a future post. (The picture below is not our invitation suite!) For now, though, here's a question -- and a little teaser.

Did you, like us, include a space on your response cards (we opted for A2 inserts to provide some extra writing room) for guests to jot you and your mister a line or two in addition to their RSVP? If so, I'd love to hear your creatively-worded text!

*Previously, Mr. Bruschetta was the one to bring in the mail each day. I can't wait to catch up on my mail-checking duties now, though!

**Yup, the Bruschettas are counting down 'til the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie! Are you?

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