Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day #638

Time has been significant for the Bruschettas. In 2001 when we officially acknowledged each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, six days separated what would become our dating anniversary from my high school graduation. For the next few years, our own routines kept us busy during the week -- but weekends often meant visits, whether for movie dates or (more frequently) study dates. And in 2005 when I began grad school, months became the new marker, filling the time between my visits home to Philly or Mr. Bruschetta's several treks up to Boston.

Clearly, patience has been pretty important, too. After the mister's on-bended-knee and with-ring-box-in-hand moment, 638 days separated us from our wedding day. But today, the wait will finally end when I marry my best friend.

To the hive and my fellow bees: I'm eternally grateful for this opportunity to share the whirlwind journey that has been the last six months. I truly hope you've enjoyed following along at least half as much as I've enjoyed writing each post. (And since I still have much to share with you all -- including surprises I didn't want to reveal before the wedding, as well as details and reflections I shifted to the back burner as the end of August rapidly approached -- rest assured I'll remain a presence until you've heard our entire story!)

To our parents, siblings, family and friends: Thank you for the love you've given unconditionally over the years -- and for the support and encouragement you've provided throughout our engagement. Our hearts are fuller and our lives are richer because you are with us.

And to my mister: We knew years ago that we were perfect for each other; we've since shared countless memorable (and often tasty!) experiences and shaped one another into the people we are today. I'm so proud of all you've accomplished, how you've created a solid foundation for your -- and our -- future. This next year will be amazing -- we've worked toward it for the past eight years (can you even believe that?!), and I can't wait to continue our adventure together. You're my bestest, and I love you more than these simple words can convey.

Rain or shine, I just can't wait to get married!


Miss Bruschetta

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