Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grazie Mille!

There was only one aspect of our co-ed wedding shower I didn't love: Being unprepared -- since it was a surprise -- with nary a thank you gift on hand for the party planners and hosts!

I worked quickly over the next few days to remedy this situation -- the mister and I felt so loved and knew a ton of work had gone into the shower, and as a result, I had trouble focusing on other tasks until I had this one all wrapped up -- and then realized everyone wouldn't be together again until the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. So the gifts waited patiently in our den, and with them completed, I was free to continue hammering away at our to-do list.

Inspired by our festive Italian-themed celebration, I created green, white and red gift bags. Each contained a package of pasta and jar of gravy. We also included gift certificates to Moore Brothers -- a specialty wine shop located a hip, skip and a jump from Philly. And to round out the feast, I semi-DIYed goofy, wordy pizza party vouchers. Wanna read the small print?
"This coupon entitles the aforementioned recipient(s) to one (1) homemade pizza party with the dough-making duo listed above. Said party must be scheduled on a previously agreed upon date after the wedding craziness has passed. Furthermore, at this carb-tastic gathering – the location of which will be determined when consulting all necessary calendars to plan the soiree – the recipient(s) retain the right and privilege of selecting the preferred method of cooking, given the choice between baking and grilling, and bearing in mind the limitations of the venue at which the ultimate homemade pizzas will be constructed and consumed."

Since the goodies wouldn't be delivered until about a month after the shower, I crafted up some simple cards -- using adorable food shape and deliciously cute pun stamps -- and sent along notes to everyone who helped brainstorm and execute the shower, including a teaser line in them mentioning we had thank you gifts, but that they wouldn't mail easily.

The gift bags -- which we presented to Bruschetta 'maids Carey, Kris and Steph, MOH Sister Bruschetta & BIL Bruschetta (who hosted the shower at their home) and Mama & Daddy Bruschetta at the rehearsal dinner -- were a big hit. And now that the wedding craziness has passed, I'm looking forward to everyone redeeming their pizza certificates!

Did (or will) you give shower thank you gifts that followed a specific theme?

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