Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're Ba-ack!

Dearest hive,

Phew! It's been a really tiring past few days. We got in Sunday night and were chatting it up with my parents for a bit before heading back to the apartment. (And later found, in the fridge, that Mama Bruschetta had cared for and maintained a portion of my bridal bouquet -- sooooo cute! We also saw the first bit of evidence that Mama and Daddy Bru DID in fact have a dowry for their younger daughter...a fresh gallon of milk [though we're still waiting for the rest of the cow] -- and a carton of OJ, too -- which made our initial American breakfast much easier, thanks again to the parental units.) Heads hit pillows that night at what -- to our bodies -- was about 4.15 a.m. Roman time. Exhausting.

We're still not totally back to a normal sleep schedule. Mornings are easiest (though they start between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. when my eyes just refuse to keep closed any longer!) and we're tired by 7:30-8:00 at night (crazy, I know!). Espresso (hiya, girl! -- loving the recaps!) has been playing a pretty key role in our days so far to keep us going, and keep me from caffeine withdrawal after one doppio too many in Italy. Mr. Bruschetta is in the midst of trying to jump through all the hoops to ensure he can take his PT certification exam (um, why does he need a brand new passport photo?) and be working by about this time next month (give or take), so for us, it's sorta back to life as normal.

The apartment is almost not a mess anymore -- hope to get a handle on that this weekend, and I've put out a plea to my bridal besties seeking any company who wants to watch me fold laundry and sort through the remaining boxes of wedding stuff Saturday late afternoon to evening ('cause, um, yeah apparently my life really is that boring), as Mr. Bruschetta continues with his waiter gig. And we're just gonna do a bit more wrap-up for the wedding before putting that bad boy to bed and waiting for our photographer's pro pictures. We hope more guests will post their wedding day shots to our Flickr page, and are considering ordering Mini Moos to stuff into our thank you notes for a little dose of good ol' fashioned Catholic guilt.

And then...what's next? We're considering a new apartment (something where the ceilings won't collapse and the walls won't be covered in bugs, and our neighbors will have the class to not leave their trash right outside their [and by extension, OUR] front door) in early 2010 while saving for a house. I'm chomping at the bit to do a full Harry Potter series reread. Bruschetta 'maid Kris dangled the carrot that she'd be my book buddy before the wedding, since this chica's seen each of the movies, but has yet to break the binding. (Kris, are you still game for this? Name the day and I'll be right there with you!) And we can't WAIT to go shopping with our wedding monies and gift cards, and start cooking with all the awesome gifts we've received. (That is *ahem* AFTER we've written thank you notes for these items.)

Don't let my chipper tone fool you, though -- I'm still exhausted, and going from walking everywhere in Italy (we estimate we did five to seven miles a day) to sitting at my desk at work all day is sorta freaking sucking.

I really hope to get back in the (blogging) saddle now, and share with you the posts I didn't get around to writing before the wedding, while also trying to whittle down the 1,000+ pictures we took capturing our Italian honeymoon. (I'll cut my teeth on recaps with that monstrosity, and then hopefully we won't hafta wait too long after for our pro pics!)

Anywhoozles, just wanted to send out a quick "Ciao!" message, and letcha all know we're alive, well and very happy. How YOU doin'?


Mrs. Bruschetta

P.S. Remember when I scouted locations in Philly for our post-ceremony, pre-reception photo jaunt? Seems our photographer loved the same part of Elfreth's Alley that had me smitten. (Don't hate, but Cindy Patrick did in fact share this shot with me pre-honeymoon, along with our lovey-dovey arms picture. I wanted save something special for my first post back!)

*Sigh* And now, we wait.

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