Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Complete Me

There's nothing like a wedding to create a lengthy to-do list. And as Mr. Bruschetta and I have recently discovered, that list doesn't magically disappear after the last piece of cake's been eaten. Nope, we're still plodding along wrapping things up with vendors, starting to tackle our thank you notes and finding spots in our tiny apartment for our shiny new cooking tools.

Which brings me to...our registries. Mr. Bruschetta and I plan to spend our monetary wedding gifts -- and shower gift cards -- stocking our kitchen. (And our nonexistent china hutch; we were gifted two flatware settings and one china set -- which would make for a reeeeally awkward dinner party -- so we definitely need to add some more Kate and Vera to the family.) We'd discussed giving our exhausted credit cards a much-deserved reprieve, and revisiting our registries in early 2010.

But then Macy's called. Turns out our china and flatware are buy three get one free through October 4. Not tempting enough? Well, how 'bout an extra 10% off? Yup, Macy's dangled the carrot. The completion discount carrot.


Mr. Bruschetta and I had fully intended on taking advantage of the completion discounts each of our registries* offers. (We'd even started dropping hints to family -- and each other! -- that our unfinished registries are filled with perfect Christmas gift ideas.) But clearing out our registries less than a month after the wedding? Neither of us planned on doing this, and as a result, I'm not sure what we should do.

What say you, hive? Should we indulge in our spending spree now? Or save our pennies and shop 'til we drop some time in the future? I'd love to hear your registry plans: Will you be completing your registries, and if so, when?

*Williams-Sonoma and Bed Bath & Beyond are also enticing us to go shoppin' with 10% registry completion discounts. (I'm not sure if our last store, Sur La Table, offers a completion discount -- but I'll definitely be looking into it!)

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